Geothermal well construction

For geothermal heat exchange systems, Liberty Drilling Equipment has dedicated UniSpool wellhead systems available configured to suit the characteristics related to geothermal heat exchange.

Large bore injection and production wellhead systems for doublets with semi intergral gate valve or ball valve blocks are part of our scope of supply.

The systems are designed to suit – easy to replace – ESP pumps and utilize materials that tie-in with GRP production casing and stainless or Inconel production blocks whilst the lower section of the system is isolated from the production fluids.

Liberty UniSpool Geothermal wellhead systems are available from 2,000 PSI with production diameters up to 9”.

 API compliant geothermal wellhead system

All Liberty wellheads are designed to API 6A specifications and are available with API monogram. For Geothermal wells where only minor pressures during drilling should occur we provide wellheads starting from 2000 psi pressure rating. For safe drilling in accordance with all laws and legislations a BOP can easily be placed on top of the wellhead.

Made to last a lifetime

All components that come in contact with production fluids are made of top quality stainless steel. Surfaces of the wellhead housing that come in contact with the production fluids are Inconel clad for maximum durability whilst keeping the material costs to a minimum.

Horizontal production outlet

The production outlet is placed on the side of the wellhead. This setup makes it easy to replace the ESP pumps later. The production flowline does not need to be disconnected for this operation, saving both time and money when the time comes that the ESP pump needs to be replaced.