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UNISPOOL™ Surface Wellhead system

The UniSpool™ wellhead system is a unitized wellhead with the simplicity of a spool wellhead and with all the safety features of a unitized wellhead. Key to this wellhead is the simplicity of the installation tools.  The wellhead has been designed with the aim of greatly simplifying and reducing the quantity of installation tools required. 

The Liberty designed UniSpool™ system is available in ranges up to 15,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI with 5M and 6.5M configurations for less severe applications. The system sections are run integrally with the casing and do not require any lifting of the BOP’s for installation of the subsequent sections once the wellhead housing is in place. Studded tree interfaces are available as well as an orientation free FitSafe™ connector.

Key features UNISPOOL™ Wellhead system

One system for production and exploration wells

10,000 PSI rated with 10M or 6.5M jewellery

One tool for all operations in the drilling phase, no need to back off from the stand to re-configure the tool; safe, reliable and simple and keeps the installation time to a minimum:

  • Test BOP’s in 13-3/8”and 9-5/8”phase
  • Run and retrieves bore protector and wear bushing
  • Mill & flush SA void with simultaneous dummy run of sealassy to confirm lock-down
  • Runs and retrieves 13-5/8” seal assembly
  • Wash TH area in wellhead prior to run completion
  • Retrieves landing strings from wellhead housing and casing hanger

Minimal number of penetrations thru the wellhead;  in-situ testing of seal assembly and tubing hanger element is incorporated

Short stack height

Accepts production casing sizes from  9-5/8” up to 10-3/4”

Ratch latch style seal assembly for easy stabbing over casing hanger

Weight energised annular seal design throughout the system preventing damaging or losing the seals while running in hole

BOP remains installed up to the completion, wellhead interface by means of an orientation free FitSafe drilling adapter

One tool for the completion, integral hydraulic communication lines and lock down mechanism, hydraulic communication is maintained throughout the TH lock down operation

Liberal space for feeding the control lines thru the wellhead; metal to metal interfaces up to the point of termination

Suitable for completion sizes up to 6-3/8” with the same tools / interfaces

Water or chemical injection and DHPT cage lines are easily incorporated upon request

FitSafe connector available for orientation free tree interfaces from 6,500 PSI to 10,000 PSI

Also available for horizontal ESP completions and in 15M HPHT applications with LDE surface x-mas trees