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Mudline Suspension


Liberty Drilling Equipment’s MCS mudline support equipment is a weight set system with either a single shoulder or multiple load shoulder device to suspend the smaller sizes casing. Both allow drilling out the casing section with the standard bit sizes.

Unique for the MCS mudline support system series is a dedicated support system for the platform systems, utilising right hand running tools only. The exploration systems have a left hand running thread for the running tools and right hand thread for the tie back tools.

Temporary abandonment caps feature removable back pressure valves and the system has stab-in tieback tools for each size hanger in the system.                                                                    

The MCS system has an integral conductor landing sub in the conductor when run with our RunSafe connectors and avoids additional welding in the conductor.

Retrieval of the mudline is simply done by a straight overpull without the need to de-activate any landing mechanisms; easy for P & A or when reciprocating is required.

The MCS-10 is designed to run integral with the UniSpool wellhead system and allows for a simplified landing string space-out between MLS and wellhead.

Mudline templates and well protection frames are part of the mudline support product line.