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About Liberty Drilling Equipment

Liberty Drilling Equipment is a provider in specialised well construction equipment.

From large size weld-on conductor and casing connectors to Mudline systems and Wellhead and Xmas tree's.

Together the team have 70 years experience and expertise on all aspects of constructing wells, in surface and subsea applications.

The \ / symbol represents a well diagram, the basis for every well design, and at the same time acts as the funnel to lead market opportunities into cost effective solutions.

Our designs represents this philosophy; systems with minimal parts, installed with a minimum number of tools generating a maximum of features and reliability.

Liberty Drilling Equipment obtains their forgings and fabrication from Western Europe which guarantees full traceability from forging to finished product.

Well construction

LDE offers the following product lines:

UniSpoolTM Surface wellhead equipment for exploration and production applications

MCS Mudline suspension equipment

RunSafeTM tubular equipment and associated jewellery

Mudline protection frames & spacer templates

LDE's portfolio includes management, support and services for our systems and system related products.

Using state of the art Autodesk Inventor 3D design software, LDE is continuously expanding her product lines to provide standardised systems that meet each individual well design

Design and manufacturing

LDE's product lines are designed in-house and complemented with components from our approved 3rd party suppliers.

All systems are developed using Autodesk Inventor 3D software which enable us to fully design systems in 3D and dry run the systems prior to manufacturing and release to the market.

The manufacturing process and procurement of the raw material are is performed under the responsibility of LDE by our approved manufacturers. From procurement of the raw materials to finish machine detail of our systems, all is performed by European contractors, from a finish machine nut to the wellhead housing forging.

The systems are completed, assembled and tested, in our T&A facility and subsequently despatched to our clients

Redevelopment and Workover Services

For work over or well re-development of existing wells, typically on older installations, Liberty Drilling Equipment provides replacement conventional and compact wellhead components to replace casinghead and tubinghead / completion sections as well as conversion to artificial lift with an ESP completion. Stack valve or (semi) integral tree equipment are part of our scope of supply including the delivery or repair of loose valves.

The services include the provision of tooling for disassembly and re-installation as well as the field services on the on or offshore facilities.

Field service: installation, maintenance &  testing

Liberty Drilling Equipment service engineers provide field services for all product lines, wellhead and tree maintenance and testing as well as any other well construction related work on location.

At Liberty, our technicians combine the job in the T & A facility with field service. This provides in-depth knowledge of the equipment and the specific application / project: each technician is involved in system assembly, FAT testing up to field installation. Our technicians participate with the client’s drilling and / or project team which keeps the communication lines efficient and effective.

Liberty’s technicians are in possession all mandatory qualifications and specific certifications for termination of control lines, first aid and working in H2S environments.

All technicians are trained in-house and a full experience record is maintained throughout their career at Liberty.

Plant and facilities

Liberty’s plant and facilities are based in Beverwijk, The Netherlands for all operations, management of manufacturing, assembly & testing as well as field services with the engineering and design office situated in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Forgings are sourced from Western Europe based mills and this also applies for the production of pipe bodies.

Machining of system components take place in Hengelo, The Netherlands and fabrication of connectors for the large diameter tubulars take place in a dedicated welding facility in Den Helder.

The machining and fabrication shops are dedicated Liberty Drilling Equipment subcontractors and all products are manufactured per Liberty’s Quality Assurance and Control plan.

Certifications & Qualifications

Liberty Drilling Equipment is ISO 9001 qualified by Lloyds register and registered in FPAL.

LDE has in-house auditors for in and external auditing, all certified by Lloyds register.

From the start of Liberty Drilling Equipment in 2010, Liberty has implemented the ISO 9001 quality system. In 2013 Liberty applied for the ISO 9001 certificate and Lloyds register conducted the full audit based on the implemented quality systems but also on the history of designed, manufactured and installed systems since Liberty was established. History is the basis for certification and in the pre-ISO 9001 registration, independent client audits based on the ISO 9001 system qualified Liberty for the awarded projects.