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Liberty Drilling Equipment is a company specialised in well construction equipment.

From large size weld-on conductor and casing connectors to Mudline systems and Wellhead and Xmas tree's.

Together the team have 70 years experience and expertise on all aspects of constructing wells, in surface and subsea applications.

The \ / symbol represents a well diagram, the basis for every well design, and at the same time acts as the funnel to lead market opportunities into cost effective solutions.

Our designs represents this philosophy; systems with minimal parts, installed with a minimum number of tools generating a maximum of features and reliability.

Liberty Drilling Equipment obtains their forgings and fabrication from Western Europe which guarantees full traceability from forging to finished product.

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Well construction

LDE offers the following product lines:

UniSpoolTM Surface wellhead equipment for exploration and production applications

MCS Mudline suspension equipment, RunSafeTM tubular equipment and associated jewellery

Mudline protection frames & spacer templates

LDE's portfolio includes management, support and services for our systems and system related products. 

Using state of the art Autodesk Inventor 3D design software, LDE is continuously expanding her product lines to provide standardised systems that meet each individual well design.

Design and manufacturing

LDE's product lines are designed in-house and complemented with components from our approved 3rd party suppliers.

All systems are developed using Autodesk Inventor 3D software which enable us to fully design systems in 3D and dry run the systems prior to manufacturing and release to the market.

The manufacturing process and procurement of the raw material are is performed under the responsibility of LDE by our approved manufacturers. From procurement of the raw materials to finish machine detail of our systems, all is performed by European contractors, from a finish machine nut to the wellhead housing forging.

The systems are completed, assembled and tested, in our T&A facility and subsequently despatched to our clients

RunSafe™ conductor and casing connector

Liberty’s RunSafe [RS] conductor and casing connectors are weld-on type connector to API 5L line pipe. Depending on the application, the connector can be driven or run as casing connector.

The connectors combines features of the main stream connections such as weld-on and flush ID/OD connections, thus quick make-up by multi-start threads, and semi flush in the OD / ID sizes. The latter allow using one type connector for exploration (free standing) as well as platform applications. The dimensions are such that the connector fits thru the platform guide funnels but still allows make-up with standard elevators. The full pipe body weight can be set on the connection without a requirement for compensators e.d. The ¾ turn make-up only requires manual (belt) tongs.

The thread form eliminates overtorque and for the driveable connectors, a simple but effective anti-rotation device is used to maintain the connection during driving of the conductor.

Mudline Suspension 


Liberty Drilling Equipment’s MCS mudline support equipment is a weight set system with either a single shoulder or multiple load shoulder device to suspend the smaller sizes casing. Both allow drilling out the casing section with the standard bit sizes.

Unique for the MCS mudline support system series is a dedicated support system for the platform systems, utilising right hand running tools only. The exploration systems have a left hand running thread for the running tools and right hand thread for the tie back tools.

Temporary abandonment caps feature removable back pressure valves and the system has stab-in tieback tools for each size hanger in the system.                                                

The MCS system has an integral conductor landing sub in the conductor when run with our RunSafe connectors and avoids additional welding in the conductor.

Retrieval of the mudline is simply done by a straight overpull without the need to de-activate any landing mechanisms; easy for P & A or when reciprocating is required.

The MCS-10 is designed to run integral with the UniSpool wellhead system and allows for a simplified landing string space-out between MLS and wellhead.

Mudline templates and well protection frames are part of the mudline support product line.

Conventional and 


Wellhead Systems

The UniSpool™ wellhead system is a unitized wellhead with the simplicity of a spool wellhead and with all the safety features of a unitized wellhead. Key to this wellhead is the simplicity of the installation tools.  The wellhead has been designed with the aim of greatly simplifying and reducing the quantity of installation tools required. 

The Liberty designed UniSpool™ system is available in ranges up to 15,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI with 5M and 6.5M configurations for less severe applications. The system sections are run integrally with the casing and do not require any lifting of the BOP’s for installation of the subsequent sections once the wellhead housing is in place. Studded tree interfaces are available as well as an orientation free FitSafe™ connector.

GWS™ Valve & Tree  Systems

Our surface gate valves and x-mas tree products complete the UniSpool wellhead system and is the final section of the well construction system.

The valve blocks are built to the client’s requirements with 90° or 45° production wing in solid block or split design configurations whilst maintaining a dual barrier philosophy between tubing hanger, wellhead and x-mas tree interface.

The valve blocks are installed vertically or horizontally to the wellhead. An orientation free FitSafe connector or API flange wellhead interface is part of the available features.

The designs of the valve pockets, internals as well as the actuating mechanisms are Liberty design and standardised throughout the pressure ranges from 3,000 PSI to 15,000 PSI.

The gate and seat designs are suitable up to PSL-4 requirements and qualified per API 6A and API 6FA.